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German Language Courses for everybody

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In Goslar, we offer German language courses generally twice a week.
Courses are open to all people interested in learning another language. You may find the course dates on our websites when you visit us at German as a forein language underneath the lilac language symbol.

Other classes are offered in Oker:

Intensive classes German as a foreign language - Integration courses
These courses are open for everyone. A telc-test is offered.
More info:

Deutsche Angestellten Akademie  GmbH
Hüttenstraße 6
38642 Goslar-Oker
Telefon: 05321 3370-0
Telefax: 05321 3370-70
Website DAA Oker (


German as a foreign language for people who want to study at a German University


Where do I find all the information for the German language courses?

The German as a foreign language courses offered by the Volkshochschule Goslar take place in Clausthal-Zellerfeld in cooperation with the TU Clausthal.  The internet address for these German courses is:

The internet address of the IZC of the TU Clausthal is :

Who is allowed to register for the intensive German language courses of the Volkshochschule Goslar? 

People who have an admission to a german university, can  register for the selected course.

Our address:
Volkshochschule Landkreis Goslar, Außenstelle Clausthal in der Haupt- und Realschule
Einersberger Blick 2
38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld
Telephone: 05323 78766 (Mrs Fischer)
Telefax: 05321 7699839

How do I register for the German A1.1 language course?

Prospective students can complete an application form for a German A.1.1 course when registering at the TU Clausthal. 
People who don’t want to study at the TU Clausthal, can  register online for the selected course on  Zur Online-Anmeldung für alle Kurse - Go to online-registration for all courses / à l'inscription en ligne pour tous les Cours

How do I register for an advanced German language A1.2 - C1.1 course?

Registration is possible after passing the entrance test.  Only those who pass the entrance test can participate in the course, providing there are free places.  Participation in the test is free of charge.

If you have an existing certificate (A.2.2 or higher with a <=4 mark or „passed“) which is not  older than 6 months, you can register online and don't need to do the entrance test. If there are places available in the course, you can participate. We will decide this on the first day of the course.

You can choose your course here:  Zur Online-Anmeldung für alle Kurse - Go to online-registration for all courses / à l'inscription en ligne pour tous les cours

Put your desired course into the basket.  and then go to checkout (ZUR KASSE).

Fill out all the contact information, put the checkmarks for the legal regulation below the form. IMPORTANT: Please enter the desired level in the "Comments" field! Then click on  "sign up for a fee" (ZAHLUNGSPFLICHTIG BESTELLEN).

What do I have to do after registering online?

Please wait for the confirmation email that comes about 1-3 days after online registration and follow the instructions described there (see also course description for the individual courses).

What's next?

As soon as you are here in our school, you will receive the fee notice for paying for the course and a confirmation of registration


Can I register for a German course so I can apply for my visa?

You can only receive a confirmation of registration if you register for a course A1.1. (Conditions: see above).

For all other courses, a registration confirmation is not possible. If the entrance test has been passed OR a qualified certificate of successful participation in a German course of the previous level can be submitted upon registration, then we will book you in the course when there is a place available, which we will decide on the first day of the course.

We point out, however, that our courses are designed only for people who are already in Germany on site.

To register online for all courses, go to  Zur Online-Anmeldung für alle Kurse - Go to online-registration for all courses / à l'inscription en ligne pour tous les cours


Can I contact you if I have any questions or problems regarding my visa?

No. We are only responsible for the organization of the German courses locally and cannot answer any questions regarding visa matters.


Do I have to register for the entrance test?

Yes, registration is required. Please register for a course first. The teaching staff will decide on a possible placement test and will then contact you by email. Please also note the course descriptions of the individual courses.

What does the entrance test cost?

Participation in the test is free of charge.


What is tested in the entrance test and how can I prepare for the entrance test?

Please contact per E-mail.


When and where are the entrance tests held?

Please contact the teachers, who will personally inform you about the exact date and location of the test.   The test starts at 08h00.   Newcomers must please bring the admission certificate to a German university or the admission qualification certificate for a University with them.

What happens if I am not able to participate in the entrance test or fail the test?

Prospective students who are not able to participate in the test, because, for example, their visa was issued too late, or those who fail the test, cannot attend the German course selected. We will endeavour to find an alternative.

Should there be more interested parties than available places, the available places in the German course will be allocated to those parties who achieved the best results in the test.


Can I do the entrance test more than once??

You can do the entrance test as often as you wish.  Every entrance test only checks the level of existing knowledge for the relevant German course.   If you want to participate in another German course, you must do the entrance test again.


Should I pay for the German course in advance?

No!  After registering locally for the course, you will receive an account with the payment information during the first week of tuition.
If, however, the embassy requires this for the purpose of issuing the visa, you can transfer the pre-payment to the following bank account:

Empfänger: (Recipient) : Landkreis Goslar, Klubgartenstr. 11, 38640 Goslar
Bank: Sparkasse Hildesheim Goslar Peine
IBAN: DE32 2595 0130 0053 0014 00

Verwendungszweck:(Purpose)  The course number, Surname and First name of the applicant. 

When you transfer a payment, an E-mail must be sent to us at the same time (, so that we can accept the money.   Otherwise it will be returned to the sender immediately.  Please write the word “DaF-Vorauszahlung” in the subject line of the E-mail.

(Note:  Please bear in mind that it usually takes 3-6 months for a visa to be issued.  Therefore, to transfer a payment 1-2 months before the course starts doesn’t make sense.)

When and where do the courses start? What do the courses cost?

As a rule the German courses take place from Monday to Friday, between 08h00 and 12h45 in several buildings in Clausthal-Zellerfeld.   Changes in the days, times and places of the classes are possible and the participants who are present will be informed directly thereof.

Classes start every day at 8:00, unless stated otherwise. Contact to find the meeting place for the first day of course.

The further teaching location will be announced in the course.

The prices are for people with admission to a university.
Other people pay a higher fee per course

Auf Kursnummer klicken, um sich online anzumelden / vormerken zu lassen - Click on course number to register online

Derzeit werden die Kursangebote überarbeitet und der aktuellen Pandemielage angepasst. Die Kurse finden je nach Anforderung an die Inhalte und unter Berücksichtigung der allgemeinen Pandemielage online als auch als Präsenzkurs statt.

Kurse/ Courses/CoursKurs-Nr. /Course Numbers/ Numéros des Cours Termine / DatesUnterrichtsstunden/ Lessons/ LeçonsKursgebühren/ Fees/ Frais de cours
Niveaustufen A1.1 - C1.1S44C1017.08.20-11.09.20110280 Euro (für Nicht-Studenten / for non-students / pour les non-étudiants: 336 €)
Niveaustufen A1.1 - C1.1S44C1114.09.20-09.10.20110280 Euro (für Nicht-Studenten / for non-students / pour les non-étudiants: 336 €)
Niveaustufen A1.1 - C1.1S44C1212.10.20-06.11.20110280 Euro (für Nicht-Studenten / for non-students / pour les non-étudiants: 336 €)
Niveaustufen A1.1 - C1.1S44C1309.11.20-04.12.20110280 Euro (für Nicht-Studenten / for non-students / pour les non-étudiants: 336 €)
Niveaustufen A1.1 - C1.1S44C1407.12.20-14.01.21110280 Euro (für Nicht-Studenten / for non-students / pour les non-étudiants: 336 €)

(Subject to changes / Des changements peuvent se passer)

Am I allowed to use electronic devices during the classes and tests?

No.  As a matter of principle, the use of cell phones, Smartphones, music players, recording devices, etc., is not allowed during lessons and tests.  In certain cases, where necessary, an exception may be made with the explicit permission of the teacher.


Must I buy teaching / learning material and books before the course begins?

No.  The students will be informed of all the materials and books required during the course, and these can be acquired during the first week of tuition.


Do I receive a registration certificate and / or attendance certificate?

If you have completed the registration form for the German course, you will receive a registration certificate together with an account and the payment information.
At the end of the course you will automatically receive an Attendance certificate, provided you were present on 75% of the days and met all the payment obligations. The Attendance certificate includes the results of the end exams of the course.   
The certificates will be handed out during the course, or on
Tuesday. 15h00 – 16h00, in Volkshochschule in Haupt- und Realschule, Building: Einersberger Blick 2, 1st floor, Clausthal-Zellerfeld

IMPORTANT: Please only use the official signposted way on public sidewalks and roads. Entering the school building and the schoolyard of the "Haupt und Realschule" is not permitted.

Who can I contact when I have queries regarding the course fees and the payment?

Mrs. Maike Bernhard is responsible for this.
Please address all queries to per E-mail, with your complete contact details and the course number.

Who can answer my questions as to the contents of the German courses?

Once a week there is a DaF consultation for all interested parties of the German courses:
Tuesday, 15h00 – 16h00, in Volkshochschule in Haupt- und Realschule, Building: Einersberger Blick 2, 1st floor, Clausthal-Zellerfeld

Who can assist me when I have questions regarding accommodation and public transport connections?

If you are a prospective student at the TU Clausthal, you can approach the University directly.
Graupenstr. 11
38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany
Telephone: (+49) (0)5323 72-3105 (Mrs. Nobbe)
Telefax: (+49) (0)5323 72-3939

All other interested parties should contact the Tourist Information centre for further information Information about accommodation and tourist matters:  
Bergstraße 31 (Dietzelhaus, Ortsteil Zellerfeld)
38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld
Tel. 0 53 23 81024
Fax 0 53 23 83962