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S46G35 Englisch B1/B2: Get better at email and message writing

Beginn Sa., 07.11.2020, 08:30 - 15:00 Uhr (Wochenendkurs)
Kursgebühr 19,20 € zuzügl. Materialkosten
Dauer 8 U-Std. 1 Tag am Wochenende
Abmeldung Abmeldung bis 26.10.2020 kostenfrei
Kursleitung Michael Haasche
Mitzubringen / Material Self-catering: Please have your own food and drinks with you.
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Do you have a lower-intermediate or intermediate level of English and want to improve your email and message writing skills for business and private purposes?
We will focus on the essential categories: Connecting, requesting, responding, informing, thanking, and apologizing. We will look into the language of formality and informality, common phrases and expressions, and last but not least the importance of tone: How can you make sure that your message comes across as intended. The course will be very practical - in other words: Writing is included. I look forward to welcoming you.


U 15

Heinrich-Pieper-Str. 3/7
38640 Goslar


08:30 - 15:00 Uhr
Heinrich-Pieper-Str. 3/7, GS; BBS Am Stadtgarten; Raum U 15