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R46G36 Englisch B1/B2: Socializing for business - and beyond - gute Vorkenntnisse

Beginn Sa., 21.03.2020, 09:00 - 15:45 Uhr (Wochenendkurs)
Kursgebühr 19,20 € zuzügl. Materialkosten
Dauer 6 Zeitstunden 1 Tag am Wochenende
Abmeldung Abmeldung bis 11.03.2020 kostenfrei
Kursleitung Michael Haasche
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Socializing is an essential part of having visitors, be they business partners or just friends - and it’s so much more than just the basic small talk. This course is suitable for you if you want to approach your foreign business partners confidently and establish a trustful relationship with them. Whether it's welcoming them, giving them a tour of the company, eating out, or various other scenarios: We will work through and act out a great number of situations. You will gain greater confidence in using English in both professional and private contexts.


U 15

Heinrich-Pieper-Str. 3/7
38640 Goslar


09:00 - 15:45 Uhr
Heinrich-Pieper-Str. 3/7, GS; BBS Am Stadtgarten; Raum U 15