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R46G35 Englisch B1/B2: Spotlights on English grammar problems - gute Vorkenntnisse

Beginn Sa., 14.03.2020, 09:00 - 15:45 Uhr (Wochenendkurs)
Kursgebühr 19,20 € zuzügl. Materialkosten
Dauer 6 Zeitstunden 1 Tag am Wochenende
Abmeldung Abmeldung bis 04.03.2020 kostenfrei
Kursleitung Michael Haasche
Mitzubringen / Material Please bring your own food and drink!
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What aspects of English grammar do you struggle with in school or at work? The English grammar is generally simpler than others. However, major difficulties arise when differen and similarities between languages aren't clearly understood. We often mistakenly apply features of our native languages to seemingly identical grammatical structures of English: "I have it not done"; "I have met Helmut Kohl only once"; "Sally can German"; "tonight will be danced"; "he has stolen me a book"; "we'll meet us on the weekend".
We will work on key English/German differ we often have issues with: word order, tenses, modality and many more. Let's try to clarify things together. At the end of the course you will have had some eureka moments about some of the most intriguing grammar problems.
This course is suitable for all intermediate and upper-intermediate-level speakers ranging from high school students to professional users of English.


U 15

Heinrich-Pieper-Str. 3/7
38640 Goslar


09:00 - 15:45 Uhr
Heinrich-Pieper-Str. 3/7, GS; BBS Am Stadtgarten; Raum U 15